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Paying Stewardship Commitments with Automatic Bill Payment

Most local and regional banks allow for automatic payments under different program names: Online Bill Payment, Electronic Bill Pay, and so on. You can use these services to make periodic, automatic stewardship payments to Saints Peter and Paul Church (specify the Church as payment recipient). 

To set up automatic payment, you'll need to use the Internet - the bank's own Web pages. To help anyone set up automatic payments, we've gathered information from some (but not all) local banks.

Please keep one thing in mind when you set up automatic payments: Saints Peter and Paul Church does not currently accept electronic bank transfers, so your bank must allow you to select the option to have them pay by check. All of the banks listed below have such a check payment option, as of this time.


Name of Program: OnLine Bill Payment


Overview: Pay your bills online for free. OnLine Bill Payment comes at no charge with BB&T OnLine . To use OnLine Bill Payment, you must have an existing BB&T checking account and be enrolled in BB&T OnLine, the online banking service. To enroll in BB&T Online, go here:

Once you become an online banking customer, get started with OnLine Bill Payment in two easy steps:
  1. Log on to online banking on
  2. Once you are logged on, click the bill payment tab, and begin paying your bills.
Scope: Pay any company, agency, organization or individual with an address that includes a valid U.S. ZIP code. Payments can be any amount up to $100,000. Payments can be scheduled up to one year in advance. You can make as many payments as you like, with no monthly limits. They guarantee delivery of a paper check within five business days, if your payee does not accept electronic payments.


Name of Program: Web Bill Pay

Overview: Pay your bills free if the account was opened online or if one of the following types of accounts is selected as the billing account: Select Checking, Power Checking, Classic Checking with Interest, Direct Checking, @College Checking, Portfolio Management Account. For all other accounts, the bank charges $2.95 per month for the automatic bill pay feature. You sign up for Web Bill Pay here:

Scope: Send payments to anyone you would normally pay with a check. Schedule a recurring payment so that it will be automatically paid at an interval you designate



Name of Program: Online BillPay

Overview: There is no service charge for Online BillPay. Any checking or Command Asset account can be used for Online BillPay. Before you can enroll in Online BillPay, you need to be enrolled in Online Banking. You may enroll online, or call             (800) 950-2296      .

Scope: You can pay anyone in the United States that you would normally pay by check or automated debit. More information appears here: &vgnextchannel=f1025ef43a0aa110VgnVCM1000004b0d1872RCRD&vgnextfmt=default

Instructions: On the home page under Online Banking with BillPay.


Name of Program: PNC Online Bill Pay

Overview: Sign on to Online Banking and click Pay Bills. No additional websites, user names or passwords to remember. Just one sign on to pay virtually all your bills. 

Scope: Pay who, when and how much you want. Receive bill reminders, track unpaid bills and verify details of past payments. If a party is unable to accept electronic payments, a check will be sent.

Instructions: On the home page click Online Banking and Bill Pay


Name of Program: Bill Pay

Overview: Bill Pay is a free service of Online Banking. 

Scope: Decide how you want to pay. Use a variety of accounts to make online bill payments from a Bank of America checking, money market or credit card account or Home Equity Line of Credit, or a checking or money market account at another bank.

More information appears here:



Name of Program: FCB Online Bill Pay

Overview: Must register as an FCB Online Banking and Bill Pay customer. Bill Pay Customer Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via telephone or the Online Message Center.

Scope: Schedule future and recurring payments.